RFID Steers Arnold Clark Motorstore

Arnold Clark Automobiles, Europe's largest independent car dealer, operates 145 dealerships thr...


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RFID News Roundup
The following are news announcements made during the past week. , an Australian manufactu...
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NASA Creates Thinking RF Sensors
Instead of just interpreting the world in various ways, said Karl Marx, the point of a philosopher’s...
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U.S. Air Force to Launch RFID Pilot
The United States Army has been taking the lead in pushing the adoption of RFID technology, but the ...
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IATA Approves UHF for Bag Tags
At the (IATA) Joint Passenger Services Conference held in Geneva this week, IATA member airlines un...
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LogicaCMG and PowerID Team Up
European systems integrator and 's radio frequency identification division, , say they will wo...
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An RFID Cure for the Checked Bag Blues?
Air passengers waiting at baggage carousels may worry about whether the airline lost their luggage, ...
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MIT to Host RFID Academic Convocation
The (MIT) is hosting an on Jan. 23 and Jan. 24. The two-day event will bring together directors of...
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The End of RFID Middleware?
Despite favorable media coverage and steady growth, the RFID middleware market is facing a new set o...
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RFID Facilitates Remote Baggage Check-In
In April, will begin using radio frequency identification to track bags checked in at downtown hote...
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RFID Gains Momentum
Last May, I wrote an opinion piece pointing out that no new RFID mandates had been issued in seven m...
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Boeing Selects Chipmaker for Parts Tags
announced today that San Jose, Calif., RFID technology company will provide the chips to be used i...
April 04th, 2006 Read More
GCS Focuses on RFID
(GCS) has begun focusing on the creation of RFID-compatible nonmetallic conveyor rollers and frames...
April 28th, 2006 Read More
Companies Believe in RFID Benefits, Not Hype
In her keynote address yesterday, Carolyn Walton, 's vice president of information systems, kic...
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Boeing, FedEx Test Active UHF Tags
Having completed proof-of-concept tests over the past few years that resulted in the 's decisio...
May 19th, 2006 Read More