RFID Steers Arnold Clark Motorstore

Arnold Clark Automobiles, Europe's largest independent car dealer, operates 145 dealerships thr...


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University labs typically have two functions: to educate students about an important emerging techno...
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DaimlerChrysler Putting RFID Tags in Kanban Cards
An RFID proof-of-concept project that added passive UHF inlays to existing kanban parts-management c...
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A Moratorium on Stupidity
It’s hard to figure out exactly what they are smoking in the California legislature, but it appears ...
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BP Tests RFID Sensor Network at U.K. Plant
Last week, began a trial of an RFID-based sensor network. The energy provider hopes the pilot will ...
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New RFID Products for Coping with Metal
Two new products aimed at reducing the impact of metal on radio frequency identification systems hav...
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RedPrairie Adds RFID Features to WMS
has unveiled a new version of its warehouse management software with the aim of helping companies m...
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Gen 2 EPC Protocol Approved as ISO 18000-6C
The (ISO) has approved the EPC Gen 2 Class 1 UHF standard, publishing it as an amendment to its 180...
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Identec Solutions Acquires Baumer Ident
Extending its reach into the automotive market and new geographic areas, Austrian automatic-identifi...
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Intermec, Symbol Resolve Outstanding IP Disputes
After settling one of five lawsuits last fall, major RFID hardware manufacturers and report that t...
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Goodyear Using RFID for NASCAR from Cradle to Grave
For this year's racing season, is using RFID to track the roughly 200,000 tires used througho...
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Unilever Launches Trial Using EPCIS Protocol
Manufacturers and retailers that want to use RFID to improve visibility into their shared supply cha...
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Car Dealership Finds RFID the Key to Increased Sales
, a car retailer in California's San Francisco Bay area, is using an RFID key tracking system f...
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Texas Instruments Rolling Out Its Gen 2 Chips
says it will put its Gen 2 chips into production next month, making them widely available. It has a...
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