RFID Steers Arnold Clark Motorstore

Arnold Clark Automobiles, Europe's largest independent car dealer, operates 145 dealerships thr...


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Chinese Railway Switching to RFID Transit Cards
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Hyan and Parelec Teaming on Tags for Products, Mass Transit
, a Chinese maker of RFID antennas and tags, has teamed up with conductive-ink company , based in Ro...
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Forecast Indicates Strong RFID Demand by Heavy Manufacturing
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RFID Tracks Transatlantic Shipments of Jaguar Parts
RFID is being used to speed up and streamline the supply chain for after-market automobile parts be...
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Efkon Announces HOT Technology for Electronic Tolling
Some tolling agencies have begun converting high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes into high-occupancy t...
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Honda UK to Track Components Through the Supply Chain
(HUM) has initiated what could be one of the largest UHF RFID installations thus far in the auto in...
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RFID Journal Industry Summits 2006 Report
Last month, held its first annual conference, an RFID event designed for the retail/CPG, pharmaceu...
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DHS Proposes Vicinity RFID Technology for Passport Card
The (DHS) and spelled out plans on Tuesday for the use of the RFID-enabled passport card at U.S. p...
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AIAG Plans to Issue RFID Guidelines for Containers in Early 2007
In the spring of 2007, the (AIAG) expects to release guidelines on how RFID tags and other technolo...
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