RFID Steers Arnold Clark Motorstore

Arnold Clark Automobiles, Europe's largest independent car dealer, operates 145 dealerships thr...


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Consumer Packaged Goods

RFID News Roundup
The following are news announcements made during the past week. , an Australian manufactu...
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Sensitech’s RFID Cold Chain Solution
, a company that manufactures temperature-tracking products and provides integration and data analys...
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and (TI) have announced that TI is using the Impinj Monza EPC Gen 2 chip in the production of its ...
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Discovering the ROI
It probably won't be added to textbooks next to Columbus' discovery of the Americas in 149...
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The 10 Most Important Stories of 2005
An independent study by the University of Arkansas finds that, on average, the use of Electronic P...
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Walgreen to Use Tagged Displays
Nationwide drugstore chain operator has entered into a multiyear, chain-wide agreement to implement...
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Funktel Tags Its Phones
, a manufacturer of telecommunications equipment for internal corporate communications, has been tes...
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NATO Rolling Out System for Sharing Data
, a Sunnyvale, Calif., supply chain management solutions provider, says the (NATO) has contracted S...
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Papermaker Works on Brand Authentication
Finnish paper and packaging specialist is preparing a new software application using radio frequenc...
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Kroger Turning to RFID to Stay Fresh
Though often named as one of the retailers likely to follow in 's footsteps by initiating an RF...
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KPN to Use RFID to Track Phones
Hoping to benefit from radio frequency identification as both a consumer of the technology and a pro...
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NCR to Begin Tagging Its Hardware
a Dayton, Ohio, business equipment and services provider that also sells RFID products and services...
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Forecasts for RFID in 2006
Each year for the past three years, I have written editorials suggesting it would be the year radio ...
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Company Execs Foresee RFID's Potential
Radio frequency identification may have its share of skeptics, but a majority of executives in a ran...
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NECSAP Launches RFID Customer Cards
(NECSAP), the Singapore-based arm of Japanese electronics giant , has introduced its first RFID-ena...
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